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Anyone have update 1.0.3 for Genesis Pro?



  • Piotr

    Well, finally I was able to download it. Somehow.

    My question is - why this plugin needs about 14 seconds to establish custom preset after project load? First it load default preset, then very slowly changes all parameters to user ones. I am talking about situation when you see no GUI, but just load your project and expect that it start playing with preset you created.

    There is no problem with built-in presets, but anything more than them needs about 12-15 seconds (on i7-8700k processor!) to be restored / set proper.

    For example - I have eight notes play in loop using my own preset I built. I save my project and load it again (takes long time because this plugin loads somehow slow) and then I press "play" immediately. First I hear my notes are played by default preset (that with introduction voice). Then after few seconds I hear silence, then I hear how proper wave was established, effects are added etc. Basically I hear how I made my preset step by step (but of course much faster). Damn, this is annoying as hell.

  • Andrea

    Hello Piotr,

    please can you tell me where you got the download version 1.03?

    Downloadlink doesn't work for me. Even when I'm signed in.



  • Piotr

    Well, I was trying multiple times with differen browsers and I don't know when and why I was able to download it once. 

    Here you have.

    And this update do not resolve main problem - if you're using your own presets, then after you load your project into DAW, you must wait about 15 seconds or more for presets to establish themselves. First you'll hear some default presets, then silence and then your preset (something like restoring presets restores all settings one by one).

    It's very annoying plugin. And underdeveloped. Needs much fixes but I don't think anyone will fix it.


  • Piotr

    PS. Even this forum works strange. Just copy my link from previous post and paste it into URL in separate window. This forum somehow don't work so good with click action.


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