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[Genesis Pro] Bug Report




  • Philippe Tavares

    Hi there from France !

    I'm sorry to tell you that but there's a lot of bugs in my daw when i try to load the plugin .

    Maybe something is wrong with the installer so i'm downloading the file again .

    i'm under Win 10 pro in 32bits with Orion from Synapse audio software

    When i try to load the vst it tells 4 times that it can't find the midiplayer2 then it tells me several times for problems with wav files and skm files ....i suspect somethinf wrong with the file names blabla.wav and blabla.wav. i think there's one dot  too much and same for sem files it asks me for skm files that can't be loaded again surely badly wrote files

    Same for the png files ie it asks me for LFO fade.bmp but in system folder it is called LFO fade.png

    Hope you'll understand what i mean . If you need pictures of  the bugs i can send some to you !






  • OZ-Soft

    Hi Philippe,

    Apologies for the late response. Is it possible to post some pictures of it?

    Regarding the png/bmp files. They are all png files as they should be. Don't mind the error saying it needs .bmp, that can be ignored (It's a standard error message of Synthedit, for some reason when that file can't be found it always shows as .bmp). 

    It looks like an installation issue to me. Can you also confirm to me that the files are installed on: C:\Program Files (x86)\GenesisPro ?

  • Philippe Tavares

    Hi Ummet !

    Thanks for the reply .

    Since i'm using Windows 10 pro it's installed in C:\Program files  but i don't see any x86 following program files.

    I'm going to wait patiently for your next upgrade don't worry .  you know maybe it's a bug into my Daw cos it can be complicated sometimes to use it so maybe not the fault of Genesis pro installation.


    Thanks anyway !! Best regards Ummet !Take care !

  • Oliver Rodriguez



    i downloaded the plugin and it doesn't work for me in fl studio 20, it breaks.
    i should put a faster way to download the plugins
    And hire programmers to make the task of developing the plugin faster.
    i also think i should update the servers i think i am downloading the same file as that first time in March.

    the plugin lacks low-resource optimization for a PC or laptop.:(

  • OZ-Soft

    Hi Oliver,

    Did you download the file in the email link or through your order history? We have updated the Genesis Pro in May as well as our servers. 

    You can download the Genesis Pro installer from your order history. It's from a new server than before. 

    - Click on your account (right upper corner)
    - Click on "Details" next to your placed order
    - Download the Genesis Pro by clicking on the product

    You can follow this installation guide after download: 

    can you let me know how this goes? If your FL studio still crashes, please let me know your laptop specifications. It might be that the Genesis Pro is too heavy on the resources for your system.


  • Oliver Rodriguez

    Hi OZ-Soft,

    i5 fifth generation, 8ram, ssd 500.

    kontakt 6, i can open 4 without problem and with this plugin only one cracks my laptop.
    this plugin should have a performance like sylenth.


  • hairy peanuts

    hi I am using:

    Operating System - Windows 10 professional 64bit

    From - Microsoft

    DAW - Cakewalk

    From - Bandlab

    Key legend


    > Indicates a possible point of difference happening in the system

    " represents a designated feature

    // separates difference in clause

    = ordinate of clause is equal to predecessor preset compared to the following preset

    @ audio indicator

    [[example]] coordinates a systematic notation

    ^ Indicates the end of segment

    P is an assigned page for the menu operation




    I have problems mostly with the multi-osc section not producing audio.

         I tried changing the following Multi Settings:

    P1 "Multimode",

    P1 "Combination",

    P2 "Multi osc"  Volume/audio channel/Fx switch

    > P4" osc modes(!!! Mod osc and Multi osc sound exact as selector is completely left or right!!!)


    Issues with some presets generating silent stutters after using many keys of the keyboard, always immediatley after from simultaneous key pressing or miliseconds beyond holding down a consecutive additional key(Many similar problems with most presets are alleviated from the update).  Since customization has not yielded any results, the following behavior will be listed to the presets under the same influence with amount of keypresses associated;

    Immediate single stutter:

    "OR Transylvania" - 3(with rapid pressing//4 or more(single presses)/@/faint high frequency clasp sound in the middle of the stutter

    >//consecutive increment of pressing to hold down keys produces no stuttering artifacts (until pressed fast to the tenth/or-more consecutive key)

    "OR House Organ" - 1 extra key in addition of previous evaluation for results to become equal /@/=


    [[DAW crash happened during part of the evaluation period]]

    Additional details will be added at a more convenient time....






  • Kamil Barański

    Hello, I have the problem with "Piano A" Rom Oscillator. After 1 second it starts to crackle.

    The example is here. It is "PN Natural Grand" preset with changed Rom Oscillator to "Piano A", wave mix fully to the left, and cutoff fully to the right. The problem is audible only when using Piano A (everything's OK with Piano B, C, D, etc). It appears independently to chosen DAW (Cubase 10 or 10.5+current jBridge, Reaper), Windows version (W7x64/W10x64), also changing ROM Quality to Ultra. The only thing that I can change is to make it sound much worse by changing "ROM Settings" resampling parameters.

    Is there a way to solve it in an easy way?

    PS. I use 1.0.3 version.

    PS2. Sorry for double-posting, I did it as you may have an email notification here and no email notification on new thread... ;)


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