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[Genesis Pro] Feature Suggestions




  • Oleg104

    Мне хватает автоматизации для ableton live 10

  • dobermany93

    Chciałbym GENESIS mieć:
    1. syntezy
    obrazowej 2. resyntezy dźwięku,
    3. granulizer
    4.EXO efekt OZ

    5.64 bit.
    Używam tej wtyczki cały czas, to trudne, ale potężne i czekam na wersję 64bit.

  • hairy peanuts

    3 Ideas implemented (to convey)

    More envelopes and LFO to design the waveform with.

    Invert value for the modulation matrix parameters such as "velocity" or pitch or "distortion gain" and else.  This way custom presets could have more versatile functions.

    "Phaser LFO depth" for modulating in the matrix.  I tried setting "velocity" for "phaser LFO depth" but the only option provided was the basic "phaser depth".  I will be submitting some interesting ideas once I start customizing more sounds.


      If you would like some unique presets after I am able to fully complete my criteria(problems due to multi-osc audio absence/posted in the bugs section) please let me know.  People may enjoy my textures if added to the default or additional preset bank.


    I will be designating this post for future updates in implementation.


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